Projects & Design Docs

Battle Mechanics

Description: This is a small proof of concept built in C#. This simulates turn based combat and was meant to test combat duration and damage calculations.

Systems I made:

  • I developed a turn based combat system

    • It would take in to characters and alternate combat between them

  • I developed a character creation system

    • I created game object with stats for the combat the user could choose a character and stats would be assigned randomly from a preset list.

  • Used best practices to make the code as easily understandable as possible

  • Used polymorphism to initialize character stats and maximize code efficiency

This game won a Game Jam in Winter 2021

Hot Gun

Description: This is the minimum viable product of the unnamed project I'm currently working on. This is a 3D FPS game made in Unity with one level to show off the core mechanics and some enemy design.

Systems I made:

  • I developed gun mechanics

    • The gun could aim down sights, sway with the player movement, and holster and unholster

    • The recoil shown on the gun is just for show because I used ray-casting for shooting bullets and dealing damage

  • I developed an AI

    • Enemy AI would patrol areas or stand still

    • The enemy AI ray-casts a field of view at an angle of 110 degrees and if it sees the player it stops and begins firing after a few seconds

  • I developed a unique mechanic that would allow the player to hold the gun and use it for brief period of times before losing health

The scripts are available on Github

Enemy Mechanics

Description: This program shows of a concept of using a Markov Chain in combination with a State-Machine to create a more human and random AI.

Systems I made:

  • I created a state machine with three states

    • Patrolling top area

    • Patrolling lower area

    • Standing Idle by the outcrop

The AI would change states after patrolling different areas and it had predetermined probability of changing states. Please check out the README on the Github for a more in-depth description and break down of probabilities.

Design Document


This is a design doc for a concept I had for a game. I fleshed out the idea to practice making design documents. Here is the unique aspect of the game and a description of the weapons mechanics.

  • Weapon Mechanics

    • The weapon will have a bar representing how long you can hold the weapons unsheathed

    • All weapons must be sheathed or put away for the bar to go refill

    • Examples of effects:

      • Flaming Sword: The player will begin to take burn damage and lose health when the bar hits 0. They can still hold the sword and use it but at the disadvantage of killing themselves potentially

      • Frost Sword: The player will begin to slow down until the bar hits 0. Upon the bar hitting 0 the player will freeze in place for half a second leaving them vulnerable to getting hit. After this half second the will unfreeze, sheathe the sword, take a chunk of health damage, and their bar will begin to refill.

Design Doc: