My name is Gavin O'Hanlon, this website shows off all of my work. I am currently working on a independent project while looking for a new job. Check out my About page to contact me or my Work Experience page.

This is the Gameplay Trailer for Secure The Keep

Here is the link to a playable version: https://play.unity.com/mg/other/stkbuild1

Games Made

These are full games I have made or am working on. Click the images to be taken to pages about the games.

Trials of Stone

Secure The Keep

Mini Projects

These are small proof of concepts that show off different skills and ideas I had. Click the images to taken to a list of projects.

Battle Mechanics

This is a turn based battle simulator. It create characters, assigns stats, then allows the characters to fight. The code checks combat durations and shows the battle.

Hot Gun

Minimum Viable Product of a 3D FPS game. It shows of the core mechanics of the game in one level. This level also shows how the AI will work and one of the enemy types.

Enemy Design

I utilized a Markov chain to design an enemy AI. The AI will patrol different areas on the map based predetermined probabilities and its current location.