In-Progress/Unfinished Work


The purpose of this page is to show all in-progress work. This will be unpolished designs and work that's still in development. None of these levels presented are final representations of the game and are subject to change. These images are pictures of levels and enemies that may change.

Unnamed Hack and Slash Game (In-Progress)

Work I'm doing on this project:

  • Combat Mechanics

    • The player will be using a sword to swing and attack or block

    • The weapon the player uses can be enchanted with different elements and will determine different effects that will apply if the player uses it for too long

  • Player Development

    • The character has minimal movement mechanics with not ability to jump

    • Currently I have implemented a blend tree to handle player animation

    • I am currently working on the weapon animations

  • AI Enemy Development

    • The AI will circle the player, block, and attack the player

    • The AI will choose which action to do based on a random number generator and which action was chose previously

  • Level Plans

    • There will be seven coliseums where the player can fight, interact with NPCs, and eat meals

Design Doc:


Alpha coming soonish

Demo coming 2022