Secure The Keep

Live demo available now!

Current Project:

  • This is a third person tower defense game made in Unity

  • Early Access released on May 1st 2022

  • Early Access features an endless game mode where the players can test and have fun with the base mechanics

Detailed Overview of Development

Project Development:

  • Wave System

    • The waves are designed so that sets of enemies are spawned

    • A set of enemies is 7 to 14 enemies randomly generated when a set is created

    • The number of sets is based on this algorithm

      • Wave Number + 1 + (random number between 0 and X)

      • X is a number that starts a 1 and increases every 5 waves

    • These waves increase the count of enemies on the field and as enemies are killed the total number of living enemies decrease until all are spawned in and 0 enemies remain

    • This will continually spawn waves infinitely

    • Different enemy types also spawn in after a certain wave number is reached

  • Magic System

    • The magic orbs that player launches is designed based on prefabs in unity

    • These prefabs are cloned in applied components and sent toward the enemies

    • Upon collision more components are created and made active to show the effects and deal damage to enemies

  • Enemy System

    • The enemies are spawned in outside the bounds of the level and cloned from there

    • Enemies have multiple state machines determining if they are alive or not, what effects are impacting them, and which gate to move to and attack

  • Current Enemy Types

    • Normal Enemy

      • Average stats and is present the entire game

    • Barbarians

      • Faster enemies that have less health and come in on wave 5+

    • Knights

      • Slower enemies that have more health and deal more damage

      • They come in on wave 7+

    • Heroes

      • Each level will have a list of random heroes that range in skill level and vary by each one

      • These heroes only spawn on every 10th wave but have large quantities of health

  • Overall Performance System

    • Through the options menu the player can control the audio and frame rate caps

    • Rendering occlusion was implemented to allow for higher frame rates

Design Document

Secure the Keep Design Doc