Work Experience

Reel Stakes Casino

Work I did on the project:

Description: I helped develop a several screens for when the player receives a Bonus Card

  • Event Screens

    • I helped develop multiple screen beats that would send the player through the process of deciding what gift card they would receive entry tickets for, deciding how many entry tickets they are paying for, and sending them to the challenge to attempt to with the entry tickets

    • I worked with the lead engineer in developing these screen beats. We developed it by iterating through the different beats until we leave the player at the mini game start screen.

  • Minigame win Wrap up

    • First a screen appears with showing the player how many entries they have won, some particle effect confetti, and a share button to show off they won entries to other people

    • That screen transitions to a wrap up that shows the user their score and fills their progress bar with entries

  • Minigame Lose Wrap up

    • If the player loses we show them that they didn't win and decrement the amount of entries they are playing for

    • We make the minigame easier to complete and allow them to play again after watching an ad (they can also use in-game currency or give up)

    • If there are only three entries remaining we tell them thanks for playing and give them the three tickets to then have them leave the screen and go back to poker or black jack

Pai Gow Card Trainer

Work I did on the project:

Description: I helped develop a training app for a card game called Pai Gow

  • Creating Cards, Decks, and Hands

    • I used a state machine to create the cards and I utilize it to apply ranks and suits to the cards

    • I create all 52 cards and randomly shuffle it using lists. Using this list I

  • Creating the screen

    • Debug panel

      • The debug panel was designed so that users could customize the game to a small degree

      • This app was designed to help dealer learn the game Pai Gow and how to optimize their hands to casino standards

      • The debug panel will allow the user turn off Joker cards, turn off hand customization, and turn off if the app would show the user the optimized hand

  • Creating the Logic

    • This logic was designed to take in the users hand and output either an optimize hand or a confirmation if the hand was optimized to standards

    • When the constructor is called it will first make a duplicate hand for the computer to optimize

    • Then the program runs a switch statement running methods that check what cards are present and what hands can be made

      • These methods used Linq Lists to search the computer hand for the cards of certain ranks and the number of those cards

    • Then when a method returned true the switch statement would run another method that would optimize the computer hand to casino standards

    • Then it would check the computer's selected 2 cards against the original user's 2 selected cards to see if they were identical

      • Depending on this outcome would decide if the hand was optimized or no